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A Brief Introduction about Rack System Roll Forming Machine Kit
May 10, 2017

Like rack system roll forming machine, purlin roll forming machine is widely used in many areas. Since the roll forming machine has a lot of forms, the roll forming machine kits is also different. Next we will introduce several forms for you.

1. The first rack system roll forming machine kit is manual decoiler. Cable tray roll forming machine to produce a product including groove type cable tray, cable tray and cable tray three ladder form. Manual decoiler, leveling unit, roll forming system, hydraulic shears, hydraulic station, PLC control system and the output table are all kits of cable tray roll forming machine. This kind of roll forming machine kit including: 5 tons passive decoiler, main roll forming machine, electric control system, hydraulic station, output table. The of glazed tile roll forming machine has many configuration options. They are common feeding machine, hydraulic feeding machine, automatic chop material, finished product bracket and so on. Glazed tile roll forming machine must use a variety of kits to ensure accuracy. That's high number of pulse input function, high number of input excellent performance and strong anti-interference ability.

2. The second rack system roll forming machine kit is passive feeding. One type of rack system roll forming machine is double tile roll forming machine. The left and right connecting rod at the bottom of the body, , the top case, sliding seat, the six-party wheel, pulley, gear mechanism, slot wheel mechanism, CAM mechanism, lubrication pump, oil system, electric control parts and so on are all kits of double tile roll forming machine. What's more, passive feeding, feeding frame base, feed import platform, leveling device, molding host, punching device , cutting device, hydraulic station and computer control cabinet, these parts composed of Purlin rolling forming machine kit.

3. The third rack system roll forming machine kit is charging rack. Actually, Angle rolling forming machine is the new product which exchanged the traditional way of roofing. Mainly it has the kits of charging rack, loading frame support, feed import platform, forming the host, forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control box and so on several parts. In the production of a variety of hidden roof board, when this machine is put into use, it can solve the problem of conventional series of roof leakage. These are three types of rack system roll forming machine along with so many types of kits. It is important for the customers to know roll forming machine kit when they are buying roll forming machine. If you want to buy a rack system roll forming machine, you'd better learn this information firstly.

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