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Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine Technology
Jun 05, 2017

panel roll forming machine possesses advanced and innovative technology that can provide convenient roller change. The PLC system can control the size of punching holes. Moreover, roof panel roll forming machine equipped with PLC control and touch screen to make the working progress more convenient. Less manual is used with these advanced system.

The working principle of roof panel roll forming machine is more efficient benefit by roof panel roll forming machine technology. The working progress of roof panel roll forming machine has realized automation. The first step is to put raw material on a cart. Then the cart will lift roll material up to the rack automatically. Hydraulic spading feeds the material into straightener and enters into main machine. Die of main machine will progressively form to reach desired dimensions. Straightening device will help to eliminate internal stress to ensure flatness of products. Cutter will cut an intended length. Finally, the finished products will be moved away from the receiving platform. The whole working progress is done very effectively.

Many roof panel roll forming machine kits are applied in roof panel roll forming machine to get a high working efficiency. With the development of roof panel roll forming machine technology, roof panel roll forming machine doesn't exist independently. Hydraulic bending machine is the most common kit of roof panel roll forming machine. This bending machine can bend straight mental material into curving material for ease of using. Hydraulic coiler is also a useful roof panel roll forming machine kit. Compared to other normal coilers, the hydraulic coiler is more environmental and energy-saving. We can see Automatic stacker in most conditions. Automatic stacker is very helpful in manufacturing industry because it has a lot of functions, such as delivering the material or loading metal material.

As the saying goes, a soldier needs better weapon to fight a tough war, so a good roof panel roll forming machine can help you build a better building. Up to this day, roof panel roll forming machine technology has reached a high level. If you are interested in roof panel roll forming machine, you can visit http://www.rollformingchina.net/ for more information.

We, Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd, are professional manufacturer and exporter specializing in designing, manufacturing, developing, sales and services in roll forming machine and EPS/Mineral wool/PU sandwich panel production lines, high frequency tube mills, and slitting and cut to length lines, embossing machine, hot dip galvanizing line, and related materials.

More information on roll forming machinehttp://www.rollformingchina.net/roll-forming-machine/

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