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The development trend of metal cutting machine
Mar 31, 2018

The development trend of metal cutting machine

China's metal cutting machine manufacturers use international brand sales resources to achieve exports. Uses its international sales network to export complementary mainframe products; manufactures key product labels; enters supply chains of international manufacturers through OEMs; enters maintenance systems of international manufacturers and repairers in the form of spare parts; To achieve domestic assembly and manufacturing.

We will clarify the strategic orientation of the industry, accelerate the integration of enterprise resources, cultivate world-class Chinese machinery industry companies, and cultivate and support the development of China's metal cutting machine manufacturing enterprises as the main goals of world-class enterprises.

Improve the market environment of China's machinery industry, form a market system for modern machinery industry, and provide a fair environment for industrial development. Form the market system of modern machinery industry involving capital market, marketing market and second-hand market; attach importance to the equity of China's asset restructuring project; establish an early warning mechanism for industrial protection; At present, China's machinery industry imports of large-scale key equipment tax relief policy for China's machinery industry large The development of key equipment is unfavorable.

Forming the company's core competitiveness and improving the company's core competitiveness is the fundamental way for the development of China's metal slitters. The company has mastered research and development capabilities, cost control, management innovation, and forms key elements of products, brands, technologies, standards, manufacturing, management, and sales. Network core resources. The comprehensive upgrading of leading products and the comprehensive upgrade of leading products are the starting point for forming the core competitiveness of enterprises and the basis for consolidating the Chinese market and opening up the international market.

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