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Different Types Of C/U/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Feb 14, 2017

With the development of science and technology, C/U/Z purlin roll forming machine play important role in manufacturing industry. Different types are created to meet different kinds of needs. Let's get to know the different types. The following are 3 main purlin roll forming machine types.

1. The first type is C/Z purlin interchangeable roll forming machine. The product is used for the proof building of large and medium-size, such as factories, locomotive sheds and aero plane. It has the advantage of large quantity, low cost, high automation, and long duration. The CZ purlin which is produced by this machine is widely used in manufacturing industry. It has the advantage of novelty and smooth appearance.

2. The second type is C/U purlin roll forming machine. It is made up of feeder, guide device, roll former, hydraulic cutter, hydraulic system, PLC electric control system, final products purlins.

The products of the C/U purlin roll forming machine have a wide range of applications. These products are always people's favorite choice for establishing building structures and bridge structures.

3. The third type is Z purlin roll forming machine.This roll forming line has automatic fixed-length cutting automatic punching which is very useful. In addition, the installation of Z purlin forming machine is very convenient and automatic. The purline produced by this machine is very solid.

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