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C U M Post Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

With more than 10 year's experience in specialized services to different customers all over the world, we are Chinese leading designer & manufacturer of C U M post highway guardrail roll forming machine, offering customized roll forming machines with good price and reliable quality. We have earned the good international reputation by our continuous efforts.

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C U M Post Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

C Post Roll Forming Machine and U Post Roll Forming Machine are support machines of Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine. This C/U Post Roll Forming Machine can produce the C Post for Highway Guardrail and U Post for Highway Guardrail in one machine or by cassette with quick change save cost and time, which is good for reducing the clients'investment.
The M Post Roll Forming Machine, which can also be called as Sigma Guardrail Roll Forming Machine, is named after the M-shaped or sigma-shaped products it produces. As one of the support for Highway Guardrails, the M and Sigma Post for Highway Guardrail is widely used in the highways or express ways at home and abroad.


The C/U Post Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine is mainly made up of the following parts.
2.Feeding and straightening device
3.Hydraulic punching
4.Roll forming unit
5.Hydraulic cutting device
6.PLC control box with touch screen
7. Receiving table

Technological process
Uncoiler—;Guiding—;Punching—;Roll forming—;Hydraulic cutting—;Output tables

1.Suitable Material: Hot Rolled Steel
2.Material Thickness: 2.5 –5 mm
3.Line speed: 10–15 m / min

C/U Post can be used as the support for two waves or three waves highway guardrail .
The M post and sigma post are standard posts which are used to support two waves or three waves highway guardrails.



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