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Continuous Decorative PU Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line

With more than 10 year's experience in specialized services to different customers all over the world, we are Chinese leading designer & manufacturer of continuous decorative PU mineral wool sandwich panel production line, offering customized roll forming machines with good price and reliable quality. We have earned the good international reputation by our continuous efforts.

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Product Details

Continuous Decorative PU Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line
The continuous PU/mineral wool sandwich panel production line is designed to produce high-quality PU and mineral wool sandwich panel continuously.
The production line has high production capacity with line speed 3-7m/min. The length of the production line is about more than 100m. The width, thickness and length of the finished sandwich panel product can be 900-1200mm, 20-250mm, 3-18m or according to customer'srequirment.



Main components of Sandwich Panel Production Line
A. De-coiler
B. Roll forming machine
C. Double belt laminating machine
D. PU foaming unit
D. Automatic tracking cutting
E. Panel cooling facility
F. Stacker
G. Packing equipment

Deatiled parameters:

1. Hydraulic Uncoiler (10Tons)

2. Roll forming machinefor Roof and wall (Up and down layer)
The roll forming machine is suitable for production wall panel,roof panel,cold storage panel,garage door panel and other different profile shape.Conversion of different roll forming machine can be realized by parallel rail,the width and production rate is adjustable.

3. Two componentsHigh pressure PU forming machine
In order to ensure the continuous production and online maintenance of mixing head, the foaming machine is provided with two sets of independent mixing head.Cleaning with high press water saved a lot of time and labor,increased production efficiency.

4. Double belt Laminator
The length of double belt conveyor with our company manufacturing is 36m,increased working length,the productivity improved by 20–30% compared with the present machine in the same producing condition.Controlled by Germany Siemens servo machine.Adopt side seal hanging system and snap-in connection way,could make fixing and demounting more quickly and easily ,saving a lot of labor.

5. Band saw cutting
We adopt tilt brand saw in conjunction with disk saw. The usage of disk saw can realize connection point cutting of roof panel for easy to installation and improve production efficiency. The usage of tilt brand saw considerably reduce impact force for saw surface, so it effectively protect panel interface. Negative pressure ventilation greatly reduces dust pollution for protect operator and prolong the service life of machine.

6. Cooling system

Sandwich panel will produce a large amount of heat in the process of foaming, cooling system is mainly used for keeping finished sandwich panel in "vertical display" for cooling under constant temperature condition.

7. Auto stacker
Stacking system has two major parts, the first parts is use for rolling-over, the second part.

8. Packing machine
This machine is suitable for packing products by rotating central device. For convenient transport, PU and Mineral wool sandwich panelare put in the pre-setting place before packing through block feeding system. Fully-automatic electric heating system is used to cut off the film for improving packing speed.


The productsof the continuous PU/mineral wool sandwich panel production line iswidely used in insulationfor central air conditioning, building wall materials,cold storage,cold rooms, incubators,chemical tanks and other fields.Now in domestic and overseas market which is most popular insulation materials.

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